KinoFF has become the first film festival in the Baltics to use NFTs as “Proof of Attendance” for festivalgoers. In partnership with ZenFrog Lab, the team has created a limited collection of KinoFF non-fungible tokens that prove that you have attended the event in-person.

Additionally, they will give you free access to the much-anticipated Web3 conference in Narva in December - the largest, community-focused Web3 event at the edge of Europe - a symbol of freedom and innovation. W3N Blockchain is set to bring together over 300 entrepreneurs, tech and Web3 enthusiasts, NFT creators and startups from across the world, from an industry worth $3 billion.

Over 30 industry experts from such countries as the USA, South Korea, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia and many others will speak at the conference. Experts will discuss such topics such as blockchain, the use of Web3 technologies in traditional business, the metaverse, the future of gaming, virtual communities, the legal side of crypto and NFT projects and how Web3 projects can solve environmental problems.
Visit: and use code KINOFF22 to get your Free ticket.


Each KinoFF NFT represents a city that hosted the festival, Kohtla-Jarve, Jõhvi and Narva. Among the beautiful NFTs, was a unique edition, created for and gifted at the event to Piret Hartman - Estonia’s Minister of Culture.





How to claim your NFT?

  1. Install MyIconWallet (Android / iOS)
  2. Open app and select Create New Wallet
  3. Create an access/pin code (don’t forget this)
  4. Give your wallet any name (i.e Dima)
  5. Choose a password you won’t forget and download the Keystore File (this file is the key to your wallet, so keep it safe and don’t share it with anyone)
  6. Congrats! You now have an ICX Wallet


  1. Tap the wallet number in the top-left corner (starting with hx…) and paste it into the form here:
  2. Complete the form and wait for us to send you your NFT
  3. You can check your NFTs by visiting… (don’t forget to replace “hx…” with your real wallet number.

If you would like to log in to your Craft.Network account (your NFT account), you need to use the Browser button inside the MyIconWallet app, tap on Craft and connect your wallet.

What’s next?

Join W3N Blockchain event in Narva on December 9 (17:00) and December 10th (10:00) where our amazing volunteers will help you set up your Wallet and our speakers will immerse you into the world of innovative, world-changing technologies, creative digital art, games, blockchain, NFTs and crypto.

Visit: and use code KINOFF22 to get your Free ticket.

“Web3 and the way it empowers an average person with more autonomy and control over their data is a great symbol of freedom - something that not all of us have the privillege to enjoy in the current global climate” says Alexander Bitskov, head organiser of the conference.