Programme 2023
KinoFF has published the full programme for the 2023 film festival.

KinoFF 2023 Opening Ceremony

On November 10th, in Narva, the opening ceremony of the fifth KinoFF festival took place.

Industry Day 2023

The modern film industry is futurism on both sides of the screen

Everything about the KinoFF Program

In the KinoFF program: 15 feature-length films for children, youth, and adults, 20 short films, 25 films from the ShootShorts project in the Industry Day program.

The film 'A Stolen Meeting'

Old cinema can be hopelessly outdated or it can be relevant and significant today. Which films withstand the test of time?

Festival or Distribution?

The KinoFF Film Festival is becoming a cherished tradition for Ida-Virumaa, attracting more viewers and fans of festival screenings with each passing year.