Everything about the KinoFF Program

In the KinoFF program:

15 feature-length films for children, youth, and adults,
20 short films,
25 films from the ShootShorts project in the Industry Day program.

The KinoFF program offers films from different countries around the world, in various languages, across diverse genres. All films are united by one main theme – the heroes' choices are always for a happy future in which they want to live.

The first film of the festival, "Malevich" (2019), is about the avant-garde artist with Ukrainian roots who influenced 20th-century art. Viewers will have the unique opportunity to see a suprematist film script written by the artist in 1930 and directed by Vladimir Lutsk in the 21st century.


The official opening film of the KinoFF festival, "Bridges to Liverpool" (2023), will feature the main character Alika Milova and director Mikhail Valtfogel. The journey from an outsider to the darling of Eurovision-2023 is an inspiring story about how dreams come true.

The theme of independence continues with the film "The Diary of Paulina P." (Dnevnik Pauline P., 2023) about the almost magical adventures of a girl from Croatia. The film tells of friendship, love, and solving problems. Magic is magic, but the help of friends and family is always more important. (7+)

American rapper Soul and young musicians from Generation Z search for their path in music and life. "Lost Soulz" (2023) is a story that calls for trust and faith in humanity, though it acknowledges that life comes with risks. The film features a lot of good music by Shawn Sutta, Adam Robl. (14+)


As the flames drew closer to the house by the Baltic Sea, the emotions of the friends flared up even brighter. In such moments, the tones of German director Christian Petzold, a favorite among film critics, might even seem awkward. The film "Afire" (Roter Himmel, 2023) deserves the attention of sensitive viewers.

The inclusion of "A Stolen Meeting" (Varastatud kohtumine, 1989) in the KinoFF program is no coincidence: the main character Valentina (Maria Klenskaya), hailing from Ida-Virumaa, searches for her son after being released from prison, hoping that their reunion will bring joy. The shooting took place in Kohtla-Järve, at Matrossovi 8 and Outokumppu 19. Audiences will be interested to see the city from the last century and long-renamed streets... The film has been recently restored for the 100th anniversary of director Leida Laius's birth.

Max, an ambitious teenager, starts his own farming venture with the help of 500 chickens. "Coco Farm" (Coco Ferme, 2023) will be shown on Father's Day with the support of the Canadian Embassy in Estonia. An educational story for fathers of growing boys and teenagers – you can start a business at any age. (7+)

The lengths one would go to win their first love. "Sweet Sorrow" (Sunce mamino, 2023) tells how organizing his grandmother's funeral is the only chance for the teenager Relja to win over Ana. Serbian director Kosta Djordjevic tells a very tender story of first love... (14+)


The renowned eco-artist and director Ann de Carbuccia has creatively expressed and documented man-made threats to the planet over the last decade, including drought, ocean plastic pollution, the disappearance of animal species and cultures. The documentary "Earth Protectors" (2023) not only addresses environmental issues but also showcases the diversity of our planet. Incredibly beautiful shots.

In the film "The Fantastic Three" (Les Trois Fantastiques, 2023), the friendship of 12-year-old French boy Max and his friends is tested when his brother returns from prison. Friends are ready to support each other in any circumstances, but they will always face difficult moral choices. (9+)

The fragility of friendship and human relationships is also the subject of young Icelandic director Ninna Pálmadóttir. "Solitude" (Einvera, 2023) is about a friendship that transforms the characters in a story that is simple and yet simultaneously complex.

"Perfect Days" (2023) by the great director Wim Wenders is a film of extraordinary subtlety and beauty. It is an ode to solitude and everyday pleasures, shot in Japan. The film participated in the competition program of this year's Cannes Film Festival, where it was awarded the Ecumenical Jury Prize, and the prize for Best Actor went to the Japanese actor Koji Yakusho. Japan has nominated the film for an Oscar in the category "Best International Feature Film".

When your grandmother is your support, you can overcome any obstacles! "Dancing Queen" (2023) tells the story of 12-year-old Mina from Norway, who learns to overcome self-doubt and negative body image. The story could have been told about a girl from any country in the world. (7+)


Love among chicken feathers makes Helen reassess the past and give a chance to the future. "Chuck Chuck Baby" (2023) is an optimistic and touching film that makes you feel that sometimes – just sometimes – good things really do happen to good people. The film is filled with soundtracks to which the characters sing along. Not quite a musical, but balancing on the edge of the genre.

The masterfully created French animated film "Mars Express" (2023) is a delight for fans of animation, robots, detective stories, apocalyptic futures, and unpredictable endings. A private detective and android explore the dark secrets of Mars in the year 2200. But at its core, it asks the main question that most works of art pose: what does it mean to be human?

The complex theme of identity and hormonal treatment is explored in "It's Always Been Me" (Forvandlingen - Frihed kommer indefra, 2023). This observant and contemplative film is about making life-critical decisions. Documentarian Julie Bezerra Madsen tells a strong and layered story about the honest and difficult struggle against a heteronormative society that continues to discriminate against transgender people (14+).

Lithuanian documentarian Arturas Jevdokimovas goes behind the scenes of Christmas magic to show how Christmas trees make it to your home. "Life and Death of a Christmas Tree" (2023) will astonish viewers with unknown facts and contrasts. Christmas is just around the corner.

Also in the festival program are short film programs "Love in an Unknown Future" and " Search and experimentation time," short films by Ukrainian teenagers "Past Days," Multimedia Days for children in the three cities of the festival, Industry Day, announcement of the results and screening of short films from the ShootShorts project.

Standing on its own is the emotionally powerful short film "Murals" (2023) – this audiovisual impression will tell the fate of murals created by the street artist and political activist Banksy on the streets of Ukraine.

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