Results of the multimedia day

Multimedia days for kids took place for the first time in Kohtla-Järve, Jõhvi and Narva.

Altogether more than 400 kids took part in Multimedia days!

It was the kids’ first experience in creating animation: thaumatropes, animated storylines, 3D-animation and cutout animation, animation made on tablets.

So many new words, new experiences and the first results! Creating animated cartoons is so much fun! None of the kids felt bored and no one wanted to go home.

What was the benefit of the project? Animation specialists showed kids how to fantasize and create storylines like a screenwriter, how to draw, cut out and glue together like a designer, how to see your film as a director, how to animate your film heroes and feel their movement like an animator, and how to reflect emotions or feelings through movements like an actor.

Creative Space studio has made a cartoon using all material created by kids. See here:

During the Multimedia days one of the most popular workshops was the one with Alex Bitskov and Karin-Annika Luga. They taught kids to create animated films on a tablet using the FlipaClip programme. This was very fun! And the result was fantastic. Now you can create your own cartoons at home!

See the result here: