KinoFF in Kohtla-Järvel

KinoFF festival kicks off in Kohtla-Järve

Kohtla-Järve is a city founded on oil shale deposits. Here you can see a unique urban planning, neoclassic Stalinist architecture style buildings, a central alley with fountains, a nice town park with a pond.

The first part of KinoFF festival will take place on November 12th – 14th at Kohta-Järve Cultural Center.

The first day will offer an exhibition opening, a fashion show and a red-carpet event. The film “Choice” made by a local team will open the festival. You can spend the whole day at the festival and gain positive emotions.

Day 2 is expected to be calmer. You can visit a cinema history workshop by actor and director Eduard Tee, see a film about Japan or participate in a Sumi-e painting workshop by general producer Jana Budkovskaja.

Day 3 is for children and teenagers. For them we prepared a set of animation and feature films. Also, workshops on animation, programming and multimedia will take place all day long.