KinoFF in Jõhvi

Second festival venue: Jõhvi

The town’s history began in medieval times. It has been mentioned in 13th century Danish chronicles. Later, Jõhvi became a part of the postroad junction between Petersburg and Tallinn. In addition, the railroad was built here and Jõhvi gained the status of a town. Here you can see old churches, a medieval town hall and a hedgehog statue.

KinoFF festival takes place on November 18th – 20th at Apollo cinema (Pargi keskus, Puru tee 1).

Day 1 kicks off with a set of animation and feature films for children and teens. Those aged 7-12 are welcome to the animation and multimedia workshops.

Day 2 and 3 contain Estonian short films, as well as full-length documentary and feature films of different genres.

On Saturday, the first film industry conference of the region (KinoFF industry) will take place here, in Jõhvi.