Ida-Viru maitseseiklus

KinoFF and the Ida-Virumaa Tourism Cluster have created a perfect recipe for discovering IDA/VIRU—a taste adventure.

Great news for KinoFF visitors!

The cinema, taste experiences, places to explore and special offers for accommodation are all gathered on one WEBSITE:.

You can enjoy taste adventures during the whole month of November (November 1-30) at twelve places, where you can find dishes with special prices, set menus as well as exciting special dinners accompanied with a theater or concert program.

#maitseseiklus offers something for every taste—from meat options wild game meat, chicken, fish, pork dishes are served and there are also offers suitable for vegans. The appetizers selection includes amazing salads, delicious tartar servings, and dessert options ranging from kringel with raisins to tiramisu. In order to make your trip to taste adventures pleasant and more joyous, we also offer delightful places for accommodation and sightseeing.

IDA/VIRU #maitseseiklus—more than you could expect

IDA/VIRU #maitseseiklus special menus are offered by:

Check out the IDA/VIRU #maitseseiklus offers at