KinoFF 2022

KinoFF film festival takes place in north-eastern Estonia as a part of Tallinn film festival Dark Nights (PÖFF).

The future is our choice

Life is a complicated thing, and nowadays it has also become somewhat unfair and irrational. Every moment of our life we are facing choices that affect our future. Among thousands and millions of options we choose the one that our conscience offers us, based on our best knowledge. The more we see the results of different choices and the more we can bring together different people, cultures, community interests and definitions, the better we can foresee the impact of our own decisions on our further life.

This winter the world fell apart, and never before has the Narva River been such a huge border between two worlds. KinoFF is the easternmost subfestival of the Dark Nights (PÖFF) Film Festival, and here we wish to look closer and try to understand different people: how their choice is affected by context, culture, country and moment in time. We want to gain the knowledge to help us make decisions here, at the eastern border.

This year KinoFF festival is bringing more than 20 films for young and adult viewers, in three cities of Ida-Viru County. These are this year’s best, most interesting and bright films that relate to each of us.

The festival kicks off with a fashion show and a big red-carpet event in Kohtla-Järve. Then across the whole Ida-Viru County there will be exhibition openings, nice chat-evenings and diverse film shows. In addition to films, every city will offer a programme for children and teenagers with workshop on animation, NFT programming and music.

“The festival team cannot predict the future, but with our decisions we tried to make the festival time interesting, inspiring and useful for you, dear friends. Film industry is a very bright example of cooperation, mutual assistance and acknowledging each other’s contribution. Moreover, cooperation has been one of the keys of human evolution. We invite you to the cinema: come, watch, empathize, be amazed and perplexed, think and fall in love with our magic world again. And remember: we create films, festivals and our whole life while communicating and respecting each other”

Jana Budkovskaja, general producer of KinoFF festival

Festival schedule:

Kohtla-Järve: November 12th –14th at Kohtla-Järve Cultural Centre (Keskallee 36);
Jõhvi: November 18th –20 th at Apollo Jõhvi cinema (Pargi Keskus, Puru tee 1);
Narva: November 25 th – 27 th at Objekt creative hub (Linda 2, Narva) and Apollo Kino Astri
(Astri keskus, Tallinna mnt 41).

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